"Of Course They're Secrets
They're In The Manual!"

an eBook by
Richard Cheshire

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An quick introduction to the format of this "book" as published in HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

A legend providing a logical explaination as to why 'Cheshire' can be overheard to be called 'Ozzie' by old friends.

If you're going to read about him, you really should know who he is.

"How I Got My Own Area Code". True story!

A bit of background on the fellow known as "Captain Crunch".

how a "Blue Box" used to work.

a "primer" on how Telex used to work.

How Cheshire found access to the World Telex Network.

Cheshire's views on why Electronic Commerce needs strong encryption.

Various adventures meant to be used as "sidebars" for magazine articles.
  • Has Time Run Out Yet?
  • Games Are Not Allowed
  • How Do you Grow A New Crop Of Hackers?
  • How Could You Possibly Get A Password?
  • Accessing Any Telex Machine In The World
  • Dumpster Diving Can Tell You Your Chances
  • And All The Ships At Sea.... Hacking Marisat
  • Consequences Of A Hack
  • Where'd You Get That Cap?
  • The Acronym Story"
  • You were in the Army?
  • My Favorite Basement
  • Swiss Television
  • Oh, It's August!
  • How Far Do You Want To Push Me?
  • How A Geek Sets His Watch
  • Can you hear that "thrumming"?
  • Ozzie and "The Big Bang Theory"
  • CNN and the "Breaking News" Chyron
  • Putting "Mission Elapsed Time" On Your Watch
  • How did you get your name?

Coffee Stories
Stories of "Cheshire and The Bean"
  • Drugs
  • Cosmopolitan Coffee Drinkers
  • Airline Coffee
  • German Coffee Shops
  • Being in Your Cups
  • Florida Reading Coffee
  • Solution for Florida Reading Coffee

Articles on "Low Bandwidth Access to the Internet", the subject of my talk at Beyond Hope.

A look at how Hackers look at problems.

Looking to fly in space? Here's a practical application of "Cheshire's Law". It's my opinions on How To Become an Astronaut.

Here are answers to those Frequently Asked Questions about viewing a space launch from the Canaveral Spaceport area. References to the Space Shuttle era have been left in as "artifacts". (this takes you out of the book, to the actual web page)

Cheshire's article in 2600 Magazine on "Your Internet Birthday".

Cheshire's article in 2600 Magazine on "Idiocy At The Telcos". Don't you think a Telephone Company should be found by Directory Assistance?

Notes from Cheshire's talk at H2K2, a phone phreak/hackers convention. His topic was a follow up to the article on Telco Idiocy, and was titled "A day In the Life Of A Directory Assistance Operator".

When the conversation turns out to be among fellow Veterans, this is the story that Cheshire tells.

After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Cheshire led a 10 person team into Homestead.

Here's a brief intro to "Packet Radio", the data communications service of Amateur Radio.

A few of anecdotes about my relationships with women.
  • Brrrrrreakfast!
  • Upon Meeting A Martian
  • How About Italian?
  • The Woman Who Taught Me What 'Love' Is
  • When I started growing a beard

secrets.html This file is the reason for the Title of this book.
This file is Cheshire's "Windows Secrets For Newbies". But this is stuff you probebly knew already.
  • Windows Stuff
    • How hard should I work at learning windows?
    • How do you "change windows"?
    • How do I send a Word Processing Document or spreadsheet as a Fax?
    • How do I delete a file when I want to get rid of it?
    • How can I "Minimize" all the windows at once?
    • Do I really have to use my mouse all the time?
    • I'm connected to the Internet, but nothing happens!
    • How do I grab a picture on someone's page, and save it to my hard drive? (Hi Matt)
    • Why do I need to format my disks?
  • Modem Stuff
    • What does X-On/X-Off mean in Settings, Communications?
    • What is RTS/DTR?
    • What are all those two-letter codes on my external modem?

Just some background information for the Newbie just getting their feet wet on the Internet.

Cheshire reccommends software (Takes you to the online page)

Ozzie's report as a volunter for the FIFA World Cup USA 1994™ (Takes you to the online page)

A phone phreak running a web site praising AT&T? (This goes onto the Web)

And he owned a Cingular Wireless cell phone, and liked it. (This goes onto the Web)

When Sprint pushed Cingular/AT&T out of NASCAR, well, I follow sponsors, not drivers. (This goes onto the Web)

Articles published in "2600, The Hackers Quarterly" are written under my
"hacker identity", Richard Cheshire, known as The Cheshire Catalyst.

My philosophies about Web Pages. Information Content is all.

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