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This page is an Artifact of the Old Days of shareware. These days I look to Portable apps.Com for
Open Source Software I can keep on my USB Memory Stick on a keychain.

Please feel free to download and use any of the software selections you may find here. All are shareware or freeware, and the usual disclaimers apply. Software marked "Portable" with the USB Symbol can be installed onto a Thumb Drive, and operated from it.

Portable FireFox Useful!
A Web Browser client that can work from a 'thumb drive', allowing you to use your own browser (with your own Favorites/Bookmarks) on someone elses computer. Firefox is also considered 'safer' than Internet Explorer. Because it's Open Source, the entire developer community can develope countermeasures to Malware (malicious software).
  • Desktop Firefox
  • FlashBlock blocks Flash from starting on web pages you visit, but allows you to start the ones you want to see.
  • NoScript.Net stops scropts from running unless you allow them.

Portable Thunderbird Useful!
An e-mail client that can work from a 'thumb drive', allowing you to use your own e-mail software on someone elses computer.

FileZilla FTP Client, the desktop version. Essential!

FileZilla Portable Useful!
A Windows® based FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program for transfering files betweenyour computer and your Internet Service Provider. This is how you move the web page you're working on, up onto the net. FileZilla Portable lets you put FileZilla on a "thumbdrive", and carry it around with you. Plug your thumbdrive in the USB port of a PC, and you can edit your websites on the go.

WS_ftp Useful!
A Windows®based FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program for transfering files betweensystems.
  • A more easily installed version
  • An FTP Tutorial

  • Direct FTP
    A Windows®based FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program for transfering files betweensystems.
    CoffeeCup Direct FTP allows you to edit HTML and text, right on the server. This FTP client has support for drag-and-drop functionality and multiple FTP server profiles. You can upload and download all file types and preview images directly on the server.
    [ CoffeeCup - HTML Editor & FTP Software ]

    An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application for Palm Pilots and Treo Smartphones that use the PalmOS.
    MS FTP
    Microsoft's copy of TCP/IP File Transfer Protocol. FTP the old fashioned way - by keyboard!! (c:)

    A very good File Transfer Protocol program for the Macintosh.

    Set your system clock via Network Time Protocol

    Set your palm handheld to your PC's clock. (use the NISTime program first)

    SDS NetTime
    Set your Palm Treo smartphone to an Atomic Clock with Network Time Protocol, then "beam" the time to your other Palm handhelds.

    WinZip Essential!
    Software that handles ZIP archive files. Lots of software is distrubuted as a ".zip" file to speed up downloading by combining many files in one compressed package. Make sure you download the Free one.

    7-Zip Portable Useful!
    Put it on your 'thumb drive'.

    PKzip Useful!
    Software that handles ZIP archive files. Lots of software is distrubuted as a ".zip" file to speed up downloading by combining many files in one compressed package. From the Original Source of PKzip! This program handles most archiving and transfer formats.

    Old fashioned DOS PKunzip - For old farts only! :-)>

    The EmulatorWithout A Name. This program emulates the Telnet client with a VT-100 terminal.

    A Pretty Useful TTY (TeleTYpe) emulator - Handles both Telnet and SSH telnet connections.

    An old, crufty version of Microsoft Basic that an old fart like Ozzie still finds useful to have around. Don't forgetthe Help File.

    An older, cruftier version of Microsoft Basic than Qbasic.

    The ancient DOS based program for communicating with devices (such as modems, and packet radio controllers) that live on the serial ports.

    CS Online
    A program for Palm OS devices to communicate over a serial port. You'd be right to think that 1200 Baud over a ham radio data circuit is very slow, but it's better than a dead stop when a disaster hits.

    A non-graphic web browser. A PC Version of Lynx exists also.
    Just gets web pages from DOS
    Text based E-Mail for Telnet users. There are versions available forPC Users andUnix users as well.

    OpenOffice Useful!
    A free, open source alternative to Microsoft Office. there is also a Macintosh Version.

    FreeOffice Useful!
    A free to use at home and for business, alternative to Microsoft Office. Windows and Linux Versions are available.

    • Also available for Android phones and tablets
    Amaya HTML Editor
    An editor for HyperText Markup Language used for editing Web Pages.

    CoffeeCup HTML Editor
    An HTML editor for editing Web Pages.
    Also check out the Coffee Cup Shopping Cart Creator

    [ CoffeeCup - HTML Editor & FTP Software ]

    An open source editor available for free download and use.

    DropBook *
    A resource for making eBooks for Palm Pilot based eReaders.
    The Palm Markup Language is useful knowledge.

    Mobipocket Creator (Mobibook)
    Takes HTML and PDF files, and puts them into MobiBook format. The dotPRC (.prc) files it creates can be Renamed .Mobi, and they will be readable in Kindle software.

    MobiPocket Reader

    Portable FireFox
    A web browser that can "ride" on a thumb-drive.

    Another web browser.

    Google's own web browser.

    Opera mini
    A web browser for your mobile phone.

    Portable Ubuntu
    A Linux operating system (OS) that can "ride" on a thumb-drive.
    Linux Cheat Sheet

    Puppy Linux
    Linux is a free operating system, and Puppy Linux is a special build of Linux meant to make computing easy and fast.
    Linux Mint
    A Linux operating system (OS).

    System Rescue CD (Linux)
    Creates a boot disk, allowing the user to retrieve files and data. Linux Mint has also been mentioned as a good distro.

    MatLab 7
    If you have to ask, you probebly don't need this. It is for highly mathematical functions.

    PGP - Pretty Good Privacy Useful!
    The choice for public encryption software.

    PGPi - Pretty Good Privacy - International
    For users who are outside the United States & Canada.

    Gnu Privacy Guard
    For users who want PGP type security, from an "Open Source" source.

    Abine Browser Prvacy
    Stops third-party cookies from downloading to your computer. This was found in an NPR article.

    KRyLack Ultimate Keylogger Free Edition
    A free popular all-round monitoring solution. It runs in the background and monitors all typed keystrokes, applications, passwords, clipboard, email, and visited websites’ URLs. You can view the reports as HTML files.

    Avast! Anti-Virus Necessary!
    A free anti-virus program.

    Malware Malware Bytes Reccommended
    A free anti-virus program.

    Ccleaner Necessary!
    CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system, allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.

    Spybot - Search & Destroy Useful!
    Protects your computer from nosy software.

    Zone Alarm Useful!
    A free firewall program.

    Ad Aware
    A free version of this software is availabe. Very useful to keep "Nasty Stuff" your system.

    Free Undelete
    A program to retrieve deleted files. Free for non-commercial use.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader Essential!
    Software for reading Portable Document Files (PDF). Be sure to click on the link for the Free version. By having free reader software, they generate sales for their PDF generating software. Adobe PDF files are the standard method for document distribution over the World Wide Web.

    PDF 9.95 Useful!
    Free software to set up a "printer" on your system that outputs PDF (Portable Document Files) files instead of printing on paper. If you want it to stop nagging you, you can pay the $9.95 and register it, but it won't put anything on you're documents when they print while nagging you.

    Graphic Workshop
    Edit graphics, and convert formats. For example, Cheshire created the "Palm" icon below in Paint, and converted the bitmap file to a .GIF with Graphic Workshop.

    Instant Eyedropper is a free software tool for webmasters that will identify and automatically paste to the clipboard the HTML color code of any pixel on the screen with just a single mouse click.

    3C, Color Converter & Capture
    Gives you the RGB of any color on your screen. Ozzie uses it to find the Hex Value of a color in a graphic, then set <TD BGcolor="FFDB51"> to that color in a Table Cell.

    The Original High Speed Image Viewer and Browser.

    Powerpoint Viewer
    View presentations prepared with Microsoft's Power Point software. A Macintosh Version is also available.

    VLC Media Player Portable Useful!
    VLC Media Player Portable is the popular VLC media player packaged as a portable app, so you can take your audio and video files along with everything you need to play them on the go. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind.

    Nero Multimedia Suite, 15 day free trial
    Contains 'Nero Burning ROM", software to 'burn" data into a CD-ROM

    Kaywa QR Code Generator, Not downloadable software, but being able to find it here seems like a pretty good idea. I decided to do it anyway.

    Palm Desktop software, The software you can use to Hotsync™ the data on your Palm™ handheld to your desktop computer. There are versions for Windows and Macintosh. I also expect some people will be looking for Microsoft Outlook synchronization. Our pal Cheshire also used to maintain a web page of Palm links, but he leaves it up anyway.

    Free Palm eReader Software, for reading eBooks (electronic books) on Palm Pilots,
      Versions are also available for:
      • Blackberry
      • Windows
      • Wndows Mobile
      • Macintosh
      • Linux
      • Symbian (Nokia mobile phones).
    Canaveral Spaceport Launch Schedule is a free download available in Palm E-Book format. It is a free service of space·launch·info, a newsletter published for each Space Shuttle mission, and sold to tourists at Space View Park in Titusville on launch day.

    yBasic, a "Tiny Basic" variant for the Palm OS (hand-held computers)
    This software harkens back to the "bad old days" when memory came on S-100 cards of 16K, and you loaded it in from cassette tape (which was better than the paper tape on Model-33 Teletypes). Also check out some other Palm™ information.

    Pocketerm II
    Use an RS-232 connected cable, and you're Palm is a hand-held VT-100 or TTY Terminal. +

    CLASSIC Software for Palm OS applications to operate under webOS.

    Ron's Palm Page

    vCal Creator
    Creates vCal files for events.
    APRS Software for Windows. For use with the Automatic Packet Reporting System used by ham radio operators.
    Packet Radio Software for send SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) E-Mail over packet radio.
    Satellite Tracking Software for Windows.
    You won't need Current Keplerian Elements (the mathematical variables the program uses) to calculate satellite orbits. The program will download them, if your computer is on the net.

    Windows Satellite Tracking Software
    You'll also need Current Keplerian Elements (the mathematical variables the program uses) to calculate satellite orbits. (Save them in the "Kepler" directory)

    Satellite Tracking Software for the Palm OS. Yes, track the Space Station on your Palm Pilot or Treo Smartphone. Versions are also available for iPhone and Windows Mobile smartphones.
    You'll also need Current Keplerian Elements in Palm format (the mathematical variables the program uses) to calculate satellite orbits.

    Notepad Useful!
    The built-in editor for Microsoft Windows. A Windows NT version is also available. You might also try to bring up WordPad as well. Special thanks to Notepad.Org.

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