Cheshire's MobileInternet Access

Pages using Text Only or Text Mostly format. This is The Cheshire Catalyst's "start page" on his mobile phone web browser.

Press the digit of the menu choice on your phone dial.
1 WX (Weather) in Central Florida
R WX Radar for MLB and area
2 BBC World Service News, Text Version
3 2600 Meeting - Titusville FL
- A meeting is also held in Melbourne FL

4 PhonePhriendly.Com, where Cheshire makes web pages friendly to mobile phone web browsers.
    Also check out the Test Page, but don't tell 'em I told you about it. :-)
5 US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time - web        
6 USNO Master Clock, with the voice of Durward Kirby - phone call usig the "Tel" tag.
7 Cheshire's Articles in 2600 Magazine
8 Protect Your Computer
9 Ta-Da.Mobi, Find things out about your mobie phone, and it's web browser. Check your IP address (are you using a VPN? You should be.

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* Cheshire's Home Page, In ordinary HTML
0 Call Cheshire, dial 321-Liftoff on your mobile phone.

Thanx for visiting. Please call me if you need a web page designed for web browsers on mobile phones.

  - Richard Cheshire, The Cheshire Catalyst