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Welcome to the main page for The Fifth HOPE, sponsored by 2600. Yes, it was our fifth conference in New York City and this one was the best yet. It all took place July 9-11, 2004, at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan.

The Fifth HOPE ran around the clock starting Friday morning and ending Sunday night. We had a huge amount of space on three floors in the hotel, which is located right across the street from Penn Station in midtown. We had over 70 talks and panels scheduled, plus a third track of unscheduled talks that people can sign up for at the conference. We had volunteers to help with setup and coordination, add to the network of computers we hooked together, set up informational booths to promote projects you're involved in, and came up with ideas on things to do that we hadn't already thought of! The potential was virtually without limit.

This was a conference by, for, and about hackers on as many levels as we can come up with, ranging from the highly technical to the down to earth, from computers to phones, from serious to hilarious. And our doors are open to anyone interested in what the hacker world has to say.

We have two full tracks of speakers and the schedule is posted in the "Speakers" section of this site. In addition to the above-mentioned third track, we also had an around-the-clock hacker movie room and a continuous lockpicking workshop.

For a collaboratively-editable place where you can view and contribute information, planning, and discussion, visit The Fifth HOPE Wiki.

Did you attend The Fifth HOPE? Email us your thoughts, pictures, etc., at; we'd love to hear from you! (Note: if you have files larger than 10 megabytes, please make them available on a website and send us a URL).

News Stories About The Fifth HOPE

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Here's a list of the music played between speakers

We also have the propaganda posters and other con artwork available.

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