Flash® Sucks for Advertisers
A talk given at HOPE Number Six in 2006

Richard Cheshire
The Cheshire Catalyst

HOPE Number Six

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Macromedia Flash® is seemingly The Advertisers Friend. It creates "Eye Candy". It attracts, and holds the attention of Consumer Eyeballs.

This hypertext document was used instead of a PowerPoint presentation. Clicking on a Headline will bring the next Headline to the top of the page. The notes were then placed on the web. Feel free to copy the concept.

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Do you want to be in control of Flash?
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    Reasons I Hate flash.
  1. It wastes my time.
  2. It rarely has content in it that I want to see.
  3. It doesn't know if I have Graphics turned off.
  4. It takes forever to download Flash content - if you haven't got the resources.
  5. It's pop-up box always asks "Always trust Macromedia content?"

    It Wastes My time
  • "You only have to download Flash once".
    • But they keep coming up with bloated new versions.
  • Flash enabled content takes forever to load
  • Some people are still on dial-up
  • It keeps "moving the picture", so my eye is naturally following it, and finds it difficult to break away from it
    • A technique first used by M-TV Music videos. I have never forgiven M-TV for this
  • On a dial-up connection, it seemingly takes forever to start up.

    It Rarely Has Content I Want to See
  • I'm not looking for the #31 Cingular Wireless Nextel Cup chasing Chevrolet Monte Carlo to zoom around my screen, I want to read Jeff Burton's Bio. I want to join his Fan Club. Why are you wasting my time?
  • Your ad is annoying enough as an Animated GIF. Now you're inflicting me with Flash as well?
    • Why can't Yahoo Mail have a Preference for "No Flash Ads", and "No Animated Ads"?
    • Preferences should ask "Connection Speed?", and if "Dialup" is checked, should limit the size of Animated GIFs presented to the user.
  • At least the Animated GIF had WIDTH and HEIGHT components in the IMG tag.
  • GIF's also can have ALT components for a text comment to appear for those who have graphics turned off
  • Tables cannot be displayed until the Width & Height of each image is known.
    • If W&H components are in each Image Tag, the table will display its text immediately, & fill in the graphics later.
    • If not included, the images must load before displaying the table - and the user has moved on, since nothing appears to be happening.
    It doesn't know if I have Graphics turned off.
    Who turns graphics off: ModelTeletype
  • People whose terminal can't display graphics
  • College Students during exam week.
    • High bandwidth for an entire dorm means each student only gets so much of it when everyone is hitting the net at once.
  • People with Lynx, the text based browser, still used by blind users with speech synthisizers.
  • WAP Browsers with limited plans on their Cell Phone.
    • a whole 'nother subject: Invite me to a contest via Text Message, and my WAP Browser can't view your Contest Web Page. Fix it, or we'll be here in '08!
    • You've printed your contest's web address on my drink cup. Why wouldn't I whip out my cell phone & try to enter the contest NOW?
  • PDA users whose web browsers eat memory with graphics.
  • On my PDA, I delete any Browser that does not allow me to turn graphics off to hold down transmission cost.

    It takes forever to download Flash content - if you haven't got the resources.
    Who wants Flash?
  • Advertising Agencies can increase their billings due to the higher cost of developing Flash content.
  • They need the fastest processors & video screens & cards to develop it.
  • They have to buy the Desicion Maker a bright, shiny new PC so he's got the processor punch to view the ad
  • Ergo, Advertising Agencies love Flash.
  • Agency Clients are sold the value of "The M-TV Effect", and love the fact that their "dancing product" will keep the attention of the audience.

    Who can't use Flash?
  • People laugh about The NASCAR Nation, but marketers are chasing them at 200 MPH.
  • There are lots of WebTV's out there.
  • Blind users aren't that big a market, who cares if they're alienated, right?
  • People behind Corporate Firewalls where downloads of any kind are forbidden.
  • Paranoid people who are too afraid of what Malware (malicous software) might be hidden in a Flash attachment.
    What's an Advertiser to Do?
  • Don't just say "Get Flash or Get Gone"
    • If you can tell them that you can say "Click Here For Non-Flash Information".
  • Building a non-Flash page is billable, too! And by having one, you don't alienate a potential customer.
  • If you can find the "RULES" page of a Contest, it will often allow you to click straight through to a fairly "normal" page where you can enter the contest. using Forms tags.

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