The Cheshire Catalyst
Computer Hacker

Phone: +1 321 543 8633

"Richard Cheshire" is a pseudonym for Robert Osband. Ozzie writes articles and does speaking engagements as "The Cheshire Catalyst". Upon first meeting, when asked "What's your real name?", Cheshire Catalyst will answer, "Richard Cheshire". This is because most people will be happy with that answer. They are aware that Superman is Clark Kent, and that Peter Parker is Spiderman. A third level of abstraction (strictly for my personal privacy) doesn't occur to most people. It is, however, the worst kept secret on 4 continents.

This document is actually an addendum to my resumé found at http://Robert.Osband.US. The information herein is intended to provide additional background about my personal activities that I would not ordinarily bring to my "day job".