Chesire's Law:

You can't break The Rules,
but once you know what they
are, you can abuse the hell
out of them!

So what does this mean? Well, let's look at a simple example. In fact, let's take a Rule that your mother probebly taught you. "Never mix your whites with your coloreds".

Now your mother wasn't trying to be racist here, she simply didn't want your underpants to be colored by the dies being leached out of your "colored" clothing, and being deposited on the "whites" making them "dingy". Now let's apply Cheshire's Law.

Cheshire's Law means, "Look creativily at the Rules, and find the loophole that lets you do what you want". What this means, is determining what you want, in relation to the Rules is the first order of business. Now let's take our example of the laundry, and apply The Law.

We don't really care whether we seperate out the whites from the coloreds, the problem here really is that you don't want to seperate the wash, and (probebly more importantly), you don't want to have to do two loads! So if the application of the rules say, "mix the underwear with the rest of the laundry, but don't include whites", then the application of the Law is really saying, "wear colored underwear, and you won't have to seperate it out"! Jockey and BVD are even trying to help you, if you can wean yourself off white undies.

Remember that the underlying idea behind Cheshire's Law is to look at The Rules with a new eye. Look for non-traditional methods to abuse the intent of the rule in such a way that might allow you to show how what you want to do is not only allowed, but is the way it's suppossed to to be done! After all, colored underwear are suppossed to be washed with the rest of the colored clothes.


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