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A shoulder surfer is someone
who watches over your shoulder
as you "surf" the ARPAnet Internet.

Help Cory Doctorow and the Electronic Frontier Foundation
eradicate Digital Rights Management

Hear Cory talk about DRM


"I am not a leader.
I am a loner with people who happen to
walk in the same direction as me."

- The Cheshire Catalyst answering a question about his
leadership position in the computer hacking communitty.

Then a buddy of mine sent me the following:
“If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
          -John Quincy Adams

Link to my Birthday Article

Link to my Leap Second Page
Placed on the site on 2016-12-31

I recently spoke at The Eleventh HOPE

The PHuture of PHreaking
2016-07-22 10:00 amEDT
The Eighteenth Floor

Listen to the talk
Watch the video

The Eleventh HOPE Conference
The Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City
2016-07-22 to 07-24
Download "Little Brother" by HOPE Conference Keynote Speaker Corry Doctorow
Be ready to trade GPG Public Keys at Hope XI.

When I need encrypted Text Messaging, I use SIGNAL
Shouldn't you?    
           - Cheshire

Don't Become A Phishing Victim from KnowBe4 on Vimeo.

Say, did you come here looking for a History of Hacking?
Click the link.

Cheshire's Post HOPE Web Pages

Pages with links based on the Hackers On Planet Earth conferences

Have you discovered the ID Ecosystem Group yet?

Read my most recent article in 2600 Magazine

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Hack This Movie
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Sun Shoppe Cafe
free Wi-Fi
540 E New Haven Ave. 5:30 pm
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And a little child shall lead them
Or someone with a child like imagination

I wanted to attend, but couldn't.
I feel like I've missed Woodstock. Again.
   > The program said "Requires Windows 98 
   > or better to run properly." So I
   > installed Linux.
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Of course They're Secrets
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Includes images of back issues
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Protect your computer from viruses.
Buy AVG Anti-Virus.

AdvancedWriters offers original papers written by experienced essay writers.

October is National Cyber Security Month
Root Your Kindle
NPR's story

Using eBook readers as small tablets.

You won't see many messages from me, but I've got it.
ACLU Bust Card
Do's and Don'ts when they come in through the bedroom window.

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Welcome to my Home Page

The Cheshire Catalyst is Richard Cheshire, former editor of the TAP Newsletter. Folks either call him Chesh or Cheshire. People who don't know him, read his name tag and call him Richard. Only salesmen ever try to call him Dick. There are those who have known him for years who still call him Ozzie, however.

A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have... any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the Galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through and still know where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with.
  - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

Did you enjoy my latest article in
2600 Magazine?
Typing fractions in e-mails and text files

Stop the MPAA

OK, Kevin's Free. I'm happy for the fellow. But 2600 is now under fire from the Motion Picture Association of America, the MPAA. Yess, the people who "rate" motion pictures for the public. They are also "Keepers of the Intellectual Property" for DVD's. 2600 meerly pointed Hyperlinks at DVD Decoding Software, and got their ass sued. Fortunately, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has come to their financial aid in the matter, but 2600 needs our support.

Buy Their Shirt
And Wear It To The Movies!

Even The New York Times has taken notice!

Cheshire's Adventures

Tales of Cheshire's adventures are being compiled for a book. You may read the sections that are now available about Telex Networks (and a small Introduction to Telex), various sidebars, and (of course) half a dozen anecdotes about his Drug Of Choice, Coffee! Check out the Table of Contents, then Buy the Book!

Japanese translation of my Telex Article is now available on the Web. The Telex Primer in Japanese is also available.

Of course, if you'd just rather read something about him, there's the 1982 article from "Technology Illustrated" magazine. Don't be surprised if this clueless journalist gets the technical details wrong. He did the best he could do. (Oh, and I should warn you that there is just a little hyperbole in use - Hell, I didn't reccognize myself in there!)

Here's a Definition of me found while doing an "ego scan" of "CheshireCatalyst" on Google.


Now It Can Be told!
How I Got My Own Area Code!


If you're interested, you can read

Cheshire's Views on Electronic Commerce.

Don't Miss The Capitol Steps

Surgeon General's Warning:
The Capitol Steps will cause your sides to split.
-C. Everett Koop, 1/6/89


We could drop the first two letters from Google...


In the John Travolta movie "Swordfish", his character talked about alot of movies, but he never explained the title of the film itself. The reason that "Swordfish" is the ultimate password is based on the Marx Brothers movie "Horse Feathers" (1932) in which Chico says,
Hey, what'sa matter? You no understand English? You can't come in here unless you say "swordfish". Now, I give you one more guess.
A resolution passed by the Cartoonists Association of America states that any time a password is given in a comic in the newspaper, it shall be the word "Swordfish". Now you know why.
The Swordfish Routine - Text.
The Swordfish Wave File
The Youtube of the video

Cheshire's Post HOPE Web Pages

Pages with links based on the Hackers On Planet Earth conferences

Cheshire wearing t-shirt that says 'Suspect'

"He's not only cute, but
he's fun in bed, too!",
     - Ms. L.F. of Astoria, NY

NPR says:
Infrequent Sex, Exercise May Raise Risk Of Heart Attack
so have sex frequently!

The Cheshire Catalysts Secrets of Windows for Newbies.
My own little FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page for the Manual Impaired. These aren't really secrets, but since they're in the manual that no one reads, they might as well be. My motto, you know, is "Share The Knowledge".

The Cheshire Catalyst's Internet Secrets.
Sure, some internet users are clueless. So here's a few clues.

The Cheshire Catalyst's Tutorial for Writing Web Pages.
Something I'm still throwing together for friends who want to have their own web pages. It's still in-work, so let me know if there's something you still need explained. (There is also a web site full of Various Windows stuff tutorials)

Cheshire's Law:

You can't break the rules, but
once you know what they are,
you can abuse the hell out of them!

  [Wired Magazine cover] You can read an article I still think is amazing!! ==>

Wired Magazine has this incredible article on undersea telecommunications cables!
I expect that only Phone Phreaks and Telecomm Geeks will really get into it, though. A particularly geeky site visited by The Techno tourist was the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum in Cornwall, England. This is where overseas cables come ashore for Great Britain.

    If you're going to read the article, don't do it while on-line (it's much too long). Download it first, and save it to your disk. Then read it at your leisure. (please remember, this was put on this page in 1997, during the Dial-Up Era)

  1. Click on the magazine cover to bring up the article.
  2. Click on "File" in the menu bar (or hit ALT-F)
  3. Within the File menu, click on "Save As". (or hit the A key - the underlined letters are Clues)
  4. Use the features in the "Save As" window to change directories (folders) and to rename the file what you'd like.

Things That Amuse Me

  • YAHOO's Phone Phreak Hyper-Links. Well, you'd expect me to have links like this, wouldn't you? But, why should I waste my 3 megabytes of disk space, when these guys get paid to keep this stuff up to date? Sorry, re-inventing wheels is not in my job description.

  • Some Security Stuff

    Telephone Equipment Mobile Phone Stuff

    Other Stuff
  • Technical Surveilance & Counter Measures, a site with information on bug frequencies, and other surveilance information.
  • The Emergence of a Global Infrastructure for Mass Registration and Surveillance
  • Why E-Mail Is Like A Penis, a humorous bit of e-mail I received. Shortly after that, I received a "chain letter" from TaRtHeAd on Why Chocolate is Better Than Sex. (Hey TaRtHeAd! Where'd ya go?)
  • The Church of the Subgenius is ready for you, if you are ready for Bob! Please take your sense of humor with you when you click on this.
  • The Cartoon Bank is an archive of cartoons from The New Yorker magazine. (Thanx, Tephyr)
  • I got interviewed by Iron Feather Magazine at Defcon 9. You can Listen to the interview if you download RealPlayer (or have it on your computer already).
  • An old song I wrote has shown up on the Web. I sang it on Swiss Television once, which probebly explains why it's in English, as well as translated into German!
  • Find your name on the Internet,

  • Internet Pushes Polyamory to Its 'Tipping Point'

    * * * *

    Named Links

    When the Beyond HOPE hackers conference was still on this home page, Named Links would take you directly to the part of the page without wasting your time to find them. If you've followed a named link from somewhere, and gotten here, please click on the Key Word below to get you where you now need to go to. Please e-mail me at Cheshire@2600.Com if you think this was a good or a bad idea. I really need the feedback. Thanx!

    If the named link that got you here isn't listed below, it has "timed-out". My apologies, but what took you so long? :-)>
    The "Blue Balls" (above - asterisks on non-graphic browsers) have the named links connected to them. That's what got you here. Feel free to copy the technique.

    * The Beyond Hope Press Clippings, news reports generated on The Web about the conference.
    * Wired Magazine called me a Patron Saint! Here's the link to their report.
    * A Collegiate Study of Hackers, which I seem to have dropped out of, for some reason.

    All You Can Meet

  • My Political Agenda

    Soccer Has Reached America!

    But let's play the world's game by the world's rules.

    In my identity as a mild-mannered gas cylinder tester for a small obscure Space Shuttle subcontractor (I don't work there any more - I'm retired now), I was a Volunteer at the Orlando venue of World Cup 94, the world's most prestegious soccer match. I'm a computer geek, not a sports jock, but I support socccer as a game the rest of the world loves, that America is just getting into. It is also a game that we Americans are not trying to shove down the world's throat! I like that. ;-)>

    Click Here for World Cup Gear!

    What? You haven't figured out why I consider International Sports to be political in nature? e-mail me at Cheshire@2600.Com, and I'll be happy to discuss it.

    This web page has been lovingly hand crafted using only the finest pure ASCII characters (no "web page creation" software has been used). While this page has been wordsmithed to provide you with unfettered access to legible and cogent information, your browser may vary. Standard Disclaimer applies.

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    The author,
    Richard Cheshire
     is a member of
    The HTML Writers Guild
    Please read the HWG Position on Voice Browsers. Thank you.
    The HWG has declared April as "Accessibiliy Month".
    Not everyone has graphic web browsers, you know.
    Also see my own paper on the subject,

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